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  • "If you are an audio connoisseur, aka audiophile, you will likely have heard of Vandersteen Audio. Founded by Richard Vandersteen around 40 odd years ago, Vandersteen Audio is on the forefront of ultra-high-end consumer audio products. Vandersteen Audio push the bounds of what’s possible to produce speakers the way they SHOULD sound – as if you are sitting in the recording studio listening to each element being recorded. The company has produced several patented audio technologies which form the signature sound of Vandersteen Audio."

    Matt Hallowes

  • "The Model Seven's bass EQ was a godsend.  While higher frequenices were addressable with RPG Diffusor products at the first- and second-reflection points on the sidewalls and ceiling, without the low-frequency tuning adjustments of the Sevens' subwoofers the low-frequency readings at my listening position still looked like the Rocky Mountains - and the booms and suckouts those readings predicted were what I heard.  After adjustment, except for one narrowband room mode, the bass fell within a flat (+2dB/3-dB) response all the way down to 20Hz."

    Peter Roth

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